U-PICK: Stay-Tuned for the 2018 Season.  U-Pick Gorge | Cherries, Bings, Rainiers, Pie  |  Honey Crisp Apples  |  Raspberries  |  Dahlias |  Hood River U-Pick Organic, is Certified Organic | Hours: 7 days/week: 8am to 4pm -- CASH AND CHECKS -- Address: 4320 Royal Anne Dr. Hood River, OR 97031 (cross street Markham Rd)  Organic Fruit and Flowers. Pre-Picked Heirloom Tomatoes  |  Hood River U-Pick Organic Hot-Line: 541-359-4481 -- contact info: lori@hoodriverupick.com

Fruit and Flower Pricing

Everything we grow is with lots of love! It is our passion and we enjoy sharing this healthy food and beautiful flowers with all of our customers! As you know, maintaining a small farm is labor intensive and requires expensive farm equipment too! We also really appreciate our employees and try to compensate for their hard work by paying them as well as we can. We appreciate you and your family enjoying the fruit after it’s paid for at our new checkout-pergola. Of course, try just a few. There is no comparison to fresh organic cherries picked right off the tree! They are beautiful, and delicious!! And it’s a great experience! We are so grateful for your business and look forward to seeing you in 2018! –Thank you! 

• Cherry Varieties: $4.50/lb for Bings //  $5.50/lb for Rainiers and Montemorency (pie cherries) They are delicious!
  for individual customers picking 100 LBS there is a one dollar less per pound discount.

• Raspberries — Red and Golden: $5/Pint
• Blueberries: $5/Pint
• Pre-picked Heirloom Tomatoes — many varieties to choose from: $4.00/lb
• Beautiful Wedding Flowers and Flowers for any occasion! Dahlias $1/stem

• Honey Crisp + Gala Apples: $3/lb

A FEW THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE PICKING AT OUR ORGANIC ORCHARD: We really appreciate a few things regarding picking… We don’t mind just a few nibbles, but please enjoy the cherries AFTER check-out — we have a lot of customers, and the nibbles add up fast. :)  Please be very careful with the branches — it takes years to grow cherry trees and new brances. Also, we have planted new baby trees this year, so just be careful when you are picking near them. — We prefer it if you pick the cherries without the stems — it’s easier picking too!  please watch the video below to learn the best way to use our ladders.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness on our orchard. We love having you enjoy our farm. We want to keep it nice for a long time.

We have bags for your pickings! But please feel free to bring your own bags/boxes or containers. and bring a picnic to enjoy our farm! Thank You so much for your business! Lori

Yes, the ladders are made just a few miles away from our farm and are sold around the world!